Cost To Repair The Main Sewer Line

burst_pipe_repairThe main water and sewage lines can be the cause of water damage in your home or business. When it comes to your home’s plumbing system, the sewer system is arguably the most important part because it is the sewer main, found in front of your home, that is used to carry away waste. Every aspect of your home’s plumbing and drains relies on the proper functioning of the primary part of your sewage system. The sewage system is buried underground, keeping it hidden from view, and this also means that it needs to be dug up any time repairs are required. Sewage systems are known to break but more often than not they stop working properly because the wrong materials are poured into them and cause a blockage. When this happens you need to consider how long repairs will take, who you should contact to do the repairs, and what they will cost. Another factor to consider is if there is any water damage from the main water line or sewage line.

Cost Of Repairing Your Sewer Main

There is no specific cost for repairs since they vary by location, but what goes into the cost is how long it will take to troubleshoot the problem, what will be involved in repairing or unclogging the system. Simple problems such as a blocked main are likely to cost a couple hundred dollars for a professional plumber to clear away the blockage. The main can typically be found at the front of a home, while the primary pipe is located underneath the ground. You could be looking at work that cost in the thousands of dollars, however, if excavating is required to to the repairs. It is possible that the main is located under your driveway, front lawn, or even under the sidewalk in front of your home. If any of these places need to be excavated, be aware that neither the city or town you live in will contribute to the cost of repairs.


How Long Will Repairs Take?

sewage_water_pipeHow long the repairs take really depends, and can be anywhere from a few hours to several days. Blockages are usually found and fixed within a matter of hours, but any repairs that require digging up a lawn or sidewalk, then replacing it, can take quite a while. The biggest factors include the age of the affected pipe, how far down it is located, and the extent of the pipe’s damage. One of the best ways you can lower the price of repairs is to get several professionals to bid on the work so you can choose the lowest priced bid. Make sure you also check out some of the services 911 Damage Restorations offers as well.